Elmore City HVAC technician repairing air conditioner outside of home
The last thing you want on a sweltering Oklahoma summer day is for your air conditioner to break down, leaving you and your family relying on inefficient fans to stay cool. It seems like your home’s air conditioner always falters at an inopportune time, and when this happens, you will want to get it fixed by an HVAC company as soon as possible. 

At Luster Heat and Air, we are an Elmore City, OK HVAC company that focuses on both heating and air conditioning repair. Our team of highly-trained specialists uses modern diagnostic tools to diagnose the issue and provide a quick fix. In addition to repair services, we also install new A/C systems and do check-ups to ensure that your A/C system is functioning properly. 

Elmore City, OK Air Conditioning Repairs 

If you have ever spent time in a hot house where the air conditioner is broken, you’ll know that it’s not an experience that you want to repeat. If you find yourself without a functioning air conditioning system, our professionals will diagnose the issue and accommodate your needs. We even provide emergency air conditioner services to Elmore City homeowners who cannot afford to wait to get their A/C fixed. Here are some of the most common air conditioning problems that we diagnose. 

A/C is Blowing Hot Air

A common cause of your air conditioner blowing hot air is a dirty air filter blocking the airflow of your unit. This dirty air filter can further freeze up the condenser unit and limit the cooling power of your A/C. Having Luster Heating and Air Conditioning periodically charge your A/C unit, while annually changing its filter, will help prevent this issue. 

A/C is Not Turning On

The first thing to do when your air conditioner is not turning on is to check the thermostat batteries and replace them if they are dead. If they’re in working condition, check the thermostat settings to see whether the cooling mode is on with your desired temperature settings. If this doesn’t solve the issue, your best course of action is to contact an HVAC professional. 

A/C Making Strange Noises

While most A/C units make some kind of noise, sometimes they make a hissing, clattering, or clicking sound. These unusual noises can be indicative of a larger issue with your air conditioning system, including refrigerant leaks, relay problems, blower problems, and compressor problems. 

Air Conditioning Systems

In addition to air conditioning repairs, Luster Heat and Air also installs new air conditioning units. We install air conditioning units from the most respected HVAC companies in the US, and we have a variety of different sizes, so matter the size of your home, we can install an A/C system with the correct power output for your home. 

Local Technicians

Founded by Dan Luster, Luster Heat and Air is a locally-owned Elmore City, OK HVAC company focused on providing premium heating and air conditioning services to local homeowners and businesses. Our mission as a company is to enrich the lives of local families by ensuring that they are safe and comfortable in their homes. 

To get started with our A/C services, contact us at (405) 207-3042.