Even though summer is coming up quickly, there’s still time to plan for your summer cooling needs. If you’re realizing your old window units or your central air conditioning are on their last legs, you may be looking at the many air conditioning options available and finding yourself a bit stuck. Because Luster Heating and Air specializes in AC installation in the Elmore City, Oklahoma, we can help you make better, and more cost-effective, choices for your home or business.

Window Units

Window units will always be popular. They’re generally cheap, they’re small, and if you’re cooling a small space, they’re pretty effective. When the seasons change, you can stash them somewhere out of sight, and if you’re a renter, they may be your only option. But they have disadvantages, too. They’re not as efficient as the alternatives, they won’t fit all types of windows, and if you don’t have room to store them, you have to leave them in place year ‘round — leading to drafts and leaks.

Portable Units

Portable units are a newer, and increasingly popular choice. They offer the same portability and temporary nature that makes window units popular, but they fit a wider variety of window types. That said, they’re not nearly as efficient, they’re heavier, and they’re more expensive than window units.

Heat Pumps and Split Systems

Heat pumps and split systems are finally gaining traction in the United States. They don’t require ductwork, making them great for additions, outbuildings, and manufactured homes. They’re small and quiet, and their operating costs are comparable to or in some cases lower than central air. Added bonus: they’re reversible, so they can heat your home in the winter, too. But on the downside, up-front costs are higher, and they don’t filter air as well as a central air unit.

Central Air

Central air is a great option for a number of reasons. It cools your whole home or business quickly and efficiently. It improves air quality and respiratory health. If you’re coming from an older or less-efficient system, you’re likely to see significant savings on operating costs. But installing central air is very complex and expensive if your home doesn’t already have ducts in place. And a system that’s improperly installed or sized can be noisy and inefficient, though that’s easy to solve (just choose experienced air conditioning services).

Air Conditioning Service in Elmore City, OK

There’s one more consideration that weighs in favor of both ductless split and central air conditioners: if you’re replacing an older system with one that’s newer and more efficient, you may qualify for state and federal rebates that defray your costs. So if you’re spending more than usual on air conditioning repairs, sick of lugging around portable or window units, or you just want to save money, get in touch with Luster Heating and Air. We’ll evaluate your present system, determine your needs, and give you an estimate. We’ll also be in it for the long haul with air conditioning maintenance and other services that ensure you get many years of enjoyment and comfort from your HVAC system!